Payments by bank transfer, paypal or credit card

Our business management and our technical infrastructure, allow to accept different form of payment

  • Advance payment by bank transfer
  • Payment in advance by online credit card
  • Payment in advance  via PayPal
  • Credit card details as warranty (to use in case of withdrawal)

In every cases is assured data security in accordance with current regulations. It is also assured the possibility to pay by bank transfer in order to facilitate who want to accelerate the status of booking confirmation. It is also possible to make an on-line payment by credit card (by Paypal, the most common on-line payment system in the world)

It is a system that guarantee both us and our clients because it protect the information. It also does not require a registration (unless you want to pay through the funds in the account).

Your personal information are safe and they are not shared or entered on our website.


In case of online payment by credit card, the payment procedure is carried out fully reservedly, directly on the site of Paypal via a safe server that uses the protection system Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

This kind of system protects the information that are transmitted on the web thanks to a codification  through a 128 bit encryption, according to the highest standard of security currently available. This system permits to block their possible interception and the unauthorized access by external users.

We have introduced the same precaution also in case  of confirmation of booking through credit card details as warranty. The data are entered on a safe  surfing and they can only be viewed by our administrative department through the use of secret codes for the decryption.